Best Small Business CRM
Best Small Business CRM to Use in 2022

Small businesses often come into problems with growth which means that they are in need of customers for expanding their business. Exposure to more customers does not guarantee the business more revenue but it also brings along the need for more employees. The expansion of business also means that there would be such a demand

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Qualification
Why Lead Qualification is Important?

There is always that one conversation between the sales rep and the customer which helps the reps explore and achieve an insight into the thought process of the customer. The questions are the subtle indications that let the reps learn about the customer purchasing behavior. They also understand the procedure of making the sales pitch to the

The 6 Most Common Prospecting Mistakes
The 6 Most Common Prospecting Mistakes

Prospecting, in its broadest sense, is the process of reaching out to potential customers for new business. And as one of the first steps in the sales process, it is a critical piece of the sales effort. The importance of prospecting cannot be emphasized enough, as without any prospecting, how will you find new customers

How to Manage Your Business Mailing Lists & Sales Leads
How to Manage Your Business Mailing Lists & Sales Leads

Lead generation has been given paramount importance in B2B marketing. The main concern of most marketers is to reach wider audiences and generate new leads. Because of this, many marketers have lost track of what is really important.

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation Funnel
The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation Funnel

In marketing, lead generation is the process of identifying and attracting qualified leads. It’s an important activity because the marketing and sales departments only have so much time. In other words, they must focus on the most promising leads. A lead generation funnel is a tool that helps sales and marketing departments filter the leads they

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Management
The Ultimate Guide to Lead Management

Every business needs to acquire, manage, and nurture as many quality leads as possible, in order to convert them into paying customers. This process is known as lead management. It’s a delicate science, so your approach could really make or break your business. Here’s is the ultimate guide to lead management that will help you

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Scoring
The Ultimate Guide to The Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a shared sales and marketing methodology for ranking leads in order to determine their sales-readiness. It’s important to provide sales teams with sales-ready leads. So businesses must use lead scoring to rank leads and determine their sales-readiness. But since it’s a delicate science, a misstep could damage your results. Nevertheless, this complete guide

How to Manage and Convert Your Business Sales Leads with a CRM | Peakslead Blog
How to Manage and Convert Your Business Sales Leads with a CRM

Generating leads is perhaps one of the most challenging missions for any business. However, while this step is standard practice for growing your business.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Generate Leads | Peakslead Blog
The Ultimate Guide on How to Generate Leads

Does your business generate enough quality leads? Without a steady stream of qualified leads, your business will fail to make a profit moving forward. Lead generation really is that important. Here’s a closer look at how to generate leads… How to generate quality leads? Businesses generate their leads through a mixture of inbound and outbound marketing channels.

MQL vs. SQL The Ultimate Difference
Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) vs. Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)

Before we start unpacking the difference between MQL vs. SQL, we need to first go back to the beginning. A lead is a person who has indicated an interest in your company’s product or service in some way. But how does a lead show their interest? Essentially, a lead is generated through information collection, for

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