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Cold email campaign are a powerful sales technique. When done right, it’s far more efficient than a cold call to initiate a conversation with your prospect. For this purpose PeaksLead offers you high quality leads constructed by huge database targeting and by a proven conversational based approach.

What is PeaksLead?

First time hearing of us? PeaksLead helps you to clamp your sales or marketing department so you will not feel the time-wasting in endless search of clients. Otherwise, our lead generation services will provide you not only with quality and accurate but also a real-time verified Business leads to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large or small sales teams. In other words, our lead generation tool provides the ammunition for your next successful email campaign.

Save Time

Avoid tedious manual research and get quality leads at your fingerprints

Work Smarter

Focus your outbound efforts on leads who are interested in products like yours

Sell More

Move faster than your competition and close more deals

Why should you use PeaksLead?

Our platform has helped businesses around the world increase their growth by eliminating valuable time and resources spent on finding and connecting with their next customers.  However, PeaksLead’s database contains Business-to-Business sales leads in an easy to use interface—where you can search not only by industry, location and company size but also including by title and position, and more…

Although, PeaksLead is designed to put business owners, sales, and marketing professionals in a truly position to only focus on closing more sales.

Email Marketing is likely much more important than you realize. With PeaksLead, it’s also incredibly easy to get started!

Starting a successful cold email campaign

A successful email marketing campaign can be broken down into these steps below:

Step 1: Identify the right prospects

Firsltly, to do this, you’ll want to use a process to define and to list your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

  •  Industry
  •  Geography
  •  Size (annual revenue or number of employees or number of offices)
  •  Job position

After that, you can just add the number of leads you want to export.

Step 2: Import your list

Secondly, if you already have a list of customers, then you can just import from My Exports (at the left side) directly into your Email Automation Platform like Mailchimp.

PeaksLead’s Mailchimp Integration

Our Mailchimp integration allows users to synchronize smoothly their Business-to-Business database to your Mailchimp marketing campaign tools in order to reach your people where they are.

PeaksLead’s Mailchimp Integration

Step 3: Set up your campaign

Thirdly, after that, once you have your contact list imported into your Email Automation Platform, it’s time to build your campaign.

Step 4: Write a great subject line & a killer pitch

Above all, and most importantly to succeeding with any cold email campaign, is getting your email opened.

For this reason, choosing the right subject line is one of the most critical components of your email.

For example, you want to choose something that:

  • Generates interest
  • Sparks curiosity
  • Won’t get flagged as spam

In fact, you may want them to book a meeting, or buy a product, or however just take some kind of next step. Whatever the case, you need to start with a clear call to action. Similarly, From there you can work backward to construct an email that gets to the point and goes for the close.

But in order for your cold email to be effective, you need to craft a compelling pitch. Most successful cold email follow an incredibly simple similarly structure:

  1.  Intro
  2.  Brief pitch
  3.  Call to action

Furthermore, you can check out those links :

Step 5: Launch the campaign

In conclusion, once you have all of the contacts and the campaign sequence created, finally it’s time to launch your campaign.

Reach your ideal future customers.

The top sales teams use Peakslead to locate accurate B2B contact and company details.

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