Top 53 Lead Generation Tips to Fill Your Sales PipelineTop 53 Lead Generation Tips to Fill Your Sales Pipeline

Lead generation is the process of identifying potential customers and inspiring them to register interest in your product or service. Every business needs to engage in lead generation in one form or another; it’s critical to business success. Need to level up your lead generation process?

1. Make the most of social media.

An estimated 3.2 billion people use social media, and that figure grows every single day. While it takes a true master to make the most of social media, it’s absolutely worth the effort.

2. Share customer testimonials.

Social proof is a very powerful psychological phenomenon. Since the majority of people examine the behavior of others before making their own decisions, you need to share your success stories and reviews.

3. Leverage great calls-to-action.

A great call-to-action (CTA) can inspire your prospective customers to proactively utilize their interests. In other words, CTAs can really boost the number of leads you acquire across your various channels.

4. Harness the power of buyer personas.

Buyer personas are useful tools for sales and marketing. All over the world, businesses create these imaginary profiles to more effectively market their products and services to the specific types of customers they want to attract.

4. Craft shareable content.

You should try to maximize the reach of your content by making it irresistible to share. In other words, your readers should become advocates for your content, as this tactic will exponentially put more eyes on it.

6. Don’t underestimate the power of your email signature.

Lots of sales and marketing professionals fail to make the most of their email signatures. This subtle yet potent marketing tool can feature powerful CTAs that will inspire your leads to engage with your business.

7. Become a master of forms.

While generating leads, you’re going to use lots of forms. So you should take the time to research best practices and understand the details.  What are the techniques and tricks you can use to create clear forms that will convert your visitors?

8. A/B test everything.

A/B testing is one of the most valuable tools for lead generation. It gives you the power to make data-backed choices and perform small adjustments that will have a big impact: By using this tactic, you can convert as many visitors as possible to valuable leads.

9. Collect information over time.

If you want to achieve greatness in lead generation, you have to create an information strategy. For instance, if you ask for too much information from leads right away,  you run the risk of turning them away. So carefully consider the information you need, as well as when and how you’re going to ask for it.

10. Make sure gated content is worth it.

Gated content refers to pieces of online content that can only be accessed after a lead has been converted. Therefore, gated content is very valuable, but you have to make sure your content is worth it. Otherwise, you run the risk of upsetting your leads and losing their trust.

11. Study beautiful landing pages.

Landing pages are an important channel for lead generation. You have to make sure your landing pages are perfect, and that every decision you make about your landing page involves ding pushing your visitors closer to converting. So you should learn from the best, and study great landing pages.

12. Dive into the numbers.

The best marketers are able to blend their creativity with their analytical mindsets. You should learn how to generate valuable information, then use it to shape your decisions and convert more leads than ever before.

13. Understand GDPR and your data commitments.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changed the way that marketing departments all over the world handle people’s data. If you’re engaging in data-collection activities of any sort, you must understand GDPR, in order to protect your business.

14. Share your expertise.

Take the time to think about how much valuable knowledge your business possesses. You might find that your knowledge about your product or service can help other people. Soto attracts new and loyal leads, you should share that knowledge in unique ways.

15. Update your website.

Your website is a key lead generation tool. But is it up to snuff? Lots of businesses fail to keep their website updated with the most relevant information and content. So these businesses will lose out on potentially valuable leads.

16. Use the right lead generation tools.

The most effective marketing and sales professionals know which lead generation tools to use, and when to use them. These tools can help automate or enhance a range of tasks that will attract more leads than ever before. Also, consider implementing a callback solution to convert your website visitors into customers by offering them an immediate conversation with a real human. Make your leads wow and happy.

17. Establish your lead generation infrastructure.

What does your lead generation infrastructure look like? Is it as efficient and effective as possible? You should diligently try to establish an effective infrastructure for lead generation, in order to keep data and tasks automated and logical.

18. Get ready to engage your leads right away.

New leads are warmest just after they’ve signed up and officially acknowledged their interest. Since your service or product is fresh in their minds, you need to strike while the iron is hot. You need to develop a strategy that will effectively engage with leads right away.

19. Understand the buyer journey.

Lead generation is a delicate science. Your decisions are shaped by a blend of data and psychology. You should make sure that you properly understand your buyer journey. How could learning about your lead’s behavior enhance your chances of success?

20. Follow SEO best practices.

Your website is a key source of new leads. Is it optimized, and does it provide the foundations for lead generation success? You should make sure your website follows established best practices, in terms of technical and on-page SEO.

21. Focus on offering a fast experience.

Don’t you just hate slow experiences that show a lack of respect for your time? Your leads are busy people, and you should do everything in your power to expedite their journey and save them time. So make sure you always offer a speedy option.

22. Immerse yourself in your industry.

Lots of sales and marketing departments create content in a bid to attract new leads. But is your content worth it? You should make sure you develop deep links within your industry to create valuable, relevant content.

23. Create simple experiences.

If you’re going to convert as many leads as possible, you have to offer simple experiences that have as few steps as possible. If you reduce the barrier to entry,  you’ll find you can convert more leads than ever before.

25. Make the most of multichannel marketing.

Modern marketers have lots of channels available to them. So to promote your business and collect as many leads as possible, you should make the most of those channels. An effective, multichannel marketing strategy can broaden your reach.

26. Never lose sight of your branding.

Multichannel marketing presents you with a big opportunity. But it also represents a risk: Your branding might become diffuse and unrecognizable. So you should make sure your marketing collaterals are consistent ways to protect the integrity of your brand.

27. Adjust your tone to each social media platform.

Over the years, social media platforms have matured. Today, almost everyone has a broad understanding of what each one offers. To get the best lead generation results possible, you should adjust your messaging and tone to fit each platform.

28. Optimize your content.

When it comes to lead generation, content marketing is very important. Is your content properly optimized to get the best results for you? To help you make sure, it’s important for you to follow an SEO checklist. 

29. Share your lead generation strategy with your team.

Does everybody in your business understand your lead generation strategy? It could be a great idea to share your work with the rest of the business. This tactic will help you align all your teams, and it will create new opportunities for brainstorming. 

30. Think about ways that every colleague can help you.

Let’s imagine that you have a customer success team. -Do they hear the same comments from customers time and again? Could you somehow use that information in your marketing? You should think about the ways every member of your team can drive value.

31. Find a great PPC professional.

PPC is one of the cornerstones of lead generation. But if you don’t have the right profile, your costs can quickly spiral out of control. Then you might not get the best results. So you should find the right profile to elevate your PPC results.

32. Never create conflicting CTAs.

Best practice dictates that every landing page or piece of content should have one single CTA. This tactic will help keep your visitor focused and ready to convert. If you present multiple CTAs during a single experience, you run the risk of confusing your lead.

33. Give your audience the ability to share content.

It’s one thing to make your content shareable. But empowering your audience to share their content is a different animal. To make sharing effortless,.you should make sure you incorporate the latest widgets and sharing tools. 

34. Reflect on your own experiences.

You’re a marketing professional, but you’ve also been a lead yourself. What were your experiences like? Think about these experiences, and use them to gain a better understanding of what your leads are thinking.

35. Understand which information is essential.

You want the experience of your leads to be as frictionless as possible. So you should only ask for essential information on your forms. If you ask for too much info, your lead could abandon the process entirely. To find out what the minimum amount is.

36. Gift free content to your prospective customers.

Your content marketing collateral is very valuable. If you think about all of the hours you spent producing those materials, you probably made quite an investment! Every time you share your content, you should see it as a gift to your prospective customers. This tactic will help you properly state its importance and impact.

37. Craft powerful automated programs.

Once you’ve attracted a lead, it’s important to properly classify this person, and put him or her in the appropriate automated program. To automate this process, you should tweak your tools and create the most relevant experience possible.

38. Score your leads.

All leads were not created equal. You might find that some leads are warmer and more valuable than others. So it’s important for you to score your leads accordingly. This score can help you determine your most effective course of action. 

39. Find the ultimate lead providers.

Lead providers can help you uncover high-potential leads, and they can provide you with important information about these individuals. So to get access to the most accurate information, you should partner with the very best lead providers.

40. Accommodate mobile visitors.

Back in 2016, mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic. Surprisingly, many businesses still fail to offer a pleasant, appropriate mobile experience. So to attract more mobile leads, you should make sure your mobile experience is up to snuff. 

41. Monitor new keyword opportunities.

Your choice of keywords can make or break your lead generation strategy. You should make sure your SEO experts keep a close eye on new opportunities you can capitalize on to attract new leads.

41. Write guest blog posts.

Do you ever produce guest blog posts? They’ll give you the opportunity to put your brand in front of an entirely new audience. To put together a winning pitch, you should learn how to identify the best publications.

42. Create personalized experiences.

By now, your leads have come to expect personalized experiences. These experiences could help them feel more comfortable and show you care. If possible, you should speak directly to your lead and communicate in his or her preferred language.

43. Harness the power of Quora.

When it comes to lead generation, Quora is immensely important. Over 300 million monthly active users turn to the platform for answers to their burning questions. If you provide quality answers, you could attract some great leads in an organic way.

44. Host a webinar.

If you have some event marketing experience in your marketing team, why not try to put together a webinar? You could host a webinar on a wide range of topics. And best of all, visitors are less likely to have problems with handing over their information when they’re registering for a webinar.

45. Make the most of video content.

This year, 80% of internet consumption will involve video content. That’s a pretty staggering statistic. So to attract leads, you have to make the most of video. To connect with your leads, you can use a huge range of video types.

46. Capitalize on the podcast trend.

Every month, almost 35% of Americans listen to a podcast. This medium continues to grow, and people are ravenously searching for podcast content in their areas of interest. Could you satisfy their demand and attract new leads in the process?

47. Complement content marketing with comment marketing.

If you leave the right comment in the right place, you might just find that you greatly increase the number of leads you generate. Try to monitor where relevant conversations are taking place online. Then do your best to constructively contribute to the conversation.

48. Use live chat tools on your website.

Wouldn’t it be great if your customer support team was available 24/7? Then leads would never fall through the cracks when they visit your website. Live chat tools can help you engage with your leads, even when you’re not there.

49. When appropriate, engage with influencers.

Influencer marketing has a lot of potentials. But is it appropriate for your brand? If so, you should explore the potential of influencer marketing. Then you can really understand whether it could drive more leads to your business.

50. Make the most of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a pretty remarkable resource. This network has an estimated 90 million senior-level profiles, and you can directly contact most of them. So you should be sure to develop a strategy that will make the most of the platform. Then and reach out to your leads.

51. Manage your online reviews.

Lots of platforms out there review various products and services. How does your brand come across? You should try to incentivize your existing customers to leave positive reviews. Then prospective leads will get a great first impression.

52. Don’t ignore Instagram or Pinterest.

Lots of marketers immediately dismiss Instagram and Pinterest. But these platforms are surprisingly versatile, and they could introduce your brand to an entirely new audience. Carefully consider whether this platform is right for you, and ways it could fit into your lead generation strategy.

53. Think about offline.

It can be very tempting to get caught up in the online world. But make sure that you think about offline options as well. Traditional methods are still effective. So to attract new leads and develop close ties, you should definitely make the most of event marketing. 


We hope you’ve found these lead generation tips to be useful. As you can see, there are lots of ways to nourish your pipeline that will empower you to get more leads than ever before. So if you want the very best leads, you should be sure to work with Peakslead.

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