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Product Management



Job Type

Full Time




5 Years

PeaksLead Solution Architect

Job Description

The Solution Architect’s primary responsibility is to provide deep technical expertise and comprehensive data solution architecting across the PeaksLead solution.  A strong sales comprehension and ability to fluently deliver value to clients coupled with the technical know-how to architect solutions (i.e. ability to sell value to decision-maker, while having technical chops to work with implementers).


  • Data & Technical Expert – strong comprehension of go-to-market systems (Marketing Automation, CRM, External Databases, etc.) and ability to provide solutions for how PeaksLead data can augment/integrate into clients’ infrastructure
  • Customer Facing – play a critical role in providing guidance, expertise, and solutions to clients with complex GTM infrastructure.
  • Creative and Logical – analytically minded professional with creative out-of-the-box problem-solving
  • Consulting Expertise – ability to navigate lengthy sales cycles and conduct discovery workshops


  • BS/BA degree or equivalent
  • certified
  • SQL/Database language
  • API knowledge
  • Accredited sales methodologies/training programs

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