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Plans & Pricing

The pricing based on the number of monthly credits. A credit equals a lead downloaded to excel. All plans come with unlimited searching and viewing of leads, Credits is only used when you download a lead to excel.


STARTER: €69/month – 200 Credits Monthly

ADVANCED: €199/month – 1,000 Credits Monthly

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Unused credits roll-over while subscribed. There is no setup fee. Plans are month-to-month.

To view our pricing page Click Here.

One credit = One Contact

A credit is a lead that is downloaded in Excel. PeaksLead offers unlimited lead searches/views and depending on your plan you can export a specific number of leads by using your credits.

Yes, any unused credits rollover while subscribed.
You can upgrade your account by reaching out to us to discuss your options or you can directly access the upgrade options under “Plan & Pricing” (in the right menu widget)

My Account

Click Here. Then enter your Email and Password to sign in to your account.
Click Here. Then enter the requested information create your account.
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On the top right-hand corner click on “LogOut”.


We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX.
Billing receipts can be found under “Statement” section where all PDF receipts can be downloaded and printed, you can browse your previous purchases by date, plan or invoices numbers.
For security reason, we do not store any informations from your credits cards
Yes, we secure our website using SSL encryption.

Searching /Downloading Leads

State, County, City, Zip Code, Postal Code, Industry Type, Contact Title, Contact Level, Contact Postion, Technologies Used at Business, Landline Phone, Mobile Phone Numbers, Email Adress, Fax Number, Email Address and more.
Depending on your plan, you can download a specific number of leads monthly. For more information Click Here.

Leads exported can be found under “My Exports”.

Yes, Leads exported can be found under “My Exports” and you can redownload it as much as you want.

Business Leads

Our Business Leads come with email addresses. The email addresses are on average 90%+ accurate and updated regularly.

We search millions of documents to gather information including news articles, press releases, social networks, blogs, events, and company profiles. We then analyze and categorize all of the data we collect and label it. The data is updated regularly and this keeps our data accurate!

We self-esteem ourselves on being able to offer access to accurate data possible. On average our data is 90% accurate and our Business and Consumer Data is updated regularly.

Others's FAQ'S

We cover 70% worldwide, we regularly update our businesses leads.
Peakslead provides targeted & accurate business leads to sales and marketing teams in order to boost their lead identification and conversion rates.

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