Is Peakslead GDPR compliant?

Yes, all of our data is fully GDPR compliant. You can read more about that here.

Does Peakslead provide B2C leads?

No, Peakslead focuses on B2B business data only.

How does Peakslead get my information?

We leverage proprietary technology to build data from trusted publicly available sources that we regularly curate to ensure accuracy. All our data goes through advanced standardization algorithms. Verification against multiple 3rd party services, APIs, as well as statistically significant human email and phone verification.

Do your leads come with Email Addresses?

Our Business Leads come with email addresses. The email addresses are on average 90%+ accurate and updated regularly.

How accurate are your lists?

We self-esteem ourselves on being able to offer access to accurate data possible. On average our data is 90% accurate and our Business and Consumer Data is updated regularly.

How do you collect your data?

We search millions of documents to gather information including news articles, press releases, social networks, blogs, events, and company profiles. We then analyze and categorize all of the data we collect and label it. The data is updated regularly and this keeps our data accurate!

Do you have data worldwide?

We cover 70% worldwide, we regularly update our business leads.

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