Our API will allow you to:

With the PeaksLead API, you’ll be able to enrich your existing email marketing database,
your job applicants, your trial signups, leads in your CRM, and more.

Enrich personal profiles using email or LinkedIn profile URL and get complete details like contact info, job history, skills, education, and more.

Our PKL Prospector API will allow you to find specific Leads, companies in the same way our Account Based search function works.

Enrich company details using Company name or URL and get complete details like contact info, technologies, job openings, ad budget, company news, and more.

If you are a current PeaksLead customer, you can pull the data out of your current PeaksLead lists into third party apps.

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PeaksLead integrates with many CRMs and marketing automation tools. Easily add leads to your sales pipeline or marketing campaigns.

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PeaksLead is a B2B Lead Intelligence platform that gives you access to accurate & real-time verified data records that you can download and use for your email marketing and cold-calling campaigns.

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