7 Email Marketing Tricks you need to know

Email marketing continues to have one of the highest ROIs of any communication medium and consistently outperforms social media.
Furthermore, here are a few tips and tricks to improve your performance:

Trick 1: Incentivize Signups

Incentivizing visitors to sign up for your email newsletter is a great way to boost subscribers. For example, likewise offering a free download specific to your subscribers’ interests is a great incentive.

Trick 2: Include Their Full Name

Including the full name in the “to” field will let email providers know you truly know the person—you’re not just spamming everyone—and increase your chances of delivery.

Trick 3: Avoid Spammy Phrases

If you include too many spammy words or phrases like free, now, cash, earn, order, or sample, certainly email service providers are likely to flag your campaign as spam.

Trick 4: Remove Inactive Subscribers

From time to time you’ll have subscribers who stop engaging with your campaigns. When this happens you’ll want to segment them to a re-engagement list and reduce your mailings to them. With most email marketing platforms, you pay for every email you send, because sending to inactive subscribers is costing you. Also, having too many un-opens can land your email in the junk folder.

Trick 5: Test Your Emails

With any marketing you do, you should test everything. With your emails, try different headlines, from field time of day the email is sent, calls to action. Monitor your results and make adjustments (test something new) to improve your campaigns.

Trick 6: Automate When Possible

Save time by automating your emails. Automated onboarding, follow up, re-engagement, and abandoned cart emails are relatively easy to automate and can save you a lot of time.

Trick 7: Send Exclusive Content

Give your subscribers a reason to stick around. Offer exclusive content only available by email. This might include exclusive interviews, special offers, or email-only downloads.

Use these tips to help grow your email subscribers and increase your ROI. If done correctly, email can provide enormous benefits to your bottom line.

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