7 Cold Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Cold emails are still a powerful sales technique. When done right, it’s far more efficient than a cold call to initiate a conversation with your prospect.
While a perfect cold email is supposed to generate leads, the ones not thought over often decrease your open rates, and sometimes even spoil the reputation of a business in the eyes of the prospect.
Avoid these mistakes to ensure high open and response rates from your target prospects:

Mistake 1: No Recipient Name

If you are sending cold emails with a generic ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello,’ you can forget about getting any response.
You might not know the name of the right person to reach out to in a particular organization, but not addressing a specific person is hardly a cold email – it’s more like spam, and you will get blacklisted. And if a corporate email server marks you as spam, your domain might get into trouble.

Mistake 2: Overly Affectionate Tone

Being polite is one thing but false friendliness in a cold email is sure to backfire.
When you don’t know your prospects that well, making detailed inquiries about their health or vacation will come across as phony. Moreover, while flattery does work in cold emails, it has to be done tactfully. High praise for trivial matters and too frequent use of the other person’s name come across as “too friendly” and leaves your prospect feeling a tad uncomfortable.

Mistake 3: No Grammar Check

If your email copy has faulty grammar, it’s a really bad way to try to begin a relationship. Spelling mistakes and typos imply that you are not serious about your message or the recipient.
Not a great first impression to make on a prospect, is it?

Mistake 4: No Email Signature

Email signatures are essentially an electronic business card. It adds personality to your email. Lack of an email signature can reduce the credibility of your organization and make your email seem like an amateurish attempt.
Every basic email signature should have your name, title, company website link, and phone number.

Mistake 5: Using ‘no-reply’ email addresses

Emails are a two-way communication channel. But by using a ‘no-reply’ address you leave no room for interaction. It also makes the message impersonal, dissuading the recipient from taking any action.

Mistake 6: No Follow-ups

Many salespeople give up after sending just a single email to their prospects.
That’s not the only barrier. Let’s say you get a 20% open rate, it is likely that a sizable percentage of these people would read your email and be somewhat interested to know more. However, they might be busy at the time and plan to respond later, but they forget.
Therefore, you should always send follow up emails to remind your recipients of your previous email.

Mistake 7: Failure to Experiment

Sending the same email for long periods of time will diminish your results over time. Tactics change, roles change, and even your products/services change. Sending the same email is never a good idea, even if everything remains the same.

Avoiding these mistakes and using the right automation tool will give you a huge jump in your open and reply rates.

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