5 Steps for an Effective Marketing

Successful marketing generates new sales. Some businesses understand this better than others — if you’re reading this, you’re likely familiar with the strong correlation. Driving sales should be a top priority for any business. Creating loyal brand customers is key for small business owners who seek to expand their reach but continue to cater to the customers they already have. If this sounds like something you agree with, don’t skip this article because every section is worth a thorough read. Are you seeking actionable ways to drive more sales? Let’s get started with 5 easy steps.

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Email Marketing is more powerful than it has ever been. It’s no surprise since many workers continue to use email marketing as a primary form of communication. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a quick break from work quite literally right at their fingertips?

When created strategically Marketing, an email newsletter is a tried and tested marketing tactic that is sure to appeal to new and returning customers. However, it does not suffice to send an email every once in a while. To drive sales, a company should send out emails on a regular basis, or once a week at the least. Here are some examples of important occasions when a company should consider an e-blast:

New customers

When a new customer signs up for your newsletter, be sure to send them a welcome email Marketing detailing what your company has to offer. If you have a product to sell, link to testimonials, or ways in which people have engaged with your product. If you are selling a service, this email can include a short, introductory video about your services or an outline of how your service improves lives. In every case, make sure to include links to social media and actionable steps the reader can take to stay up to date with your company, but most importantly to discover how your company can help him/her.

Standard newsletters

This is another great opportunity to keep subscribers updated on discount offers, product tips, limited sales, and company milestones, and to remind them of your services.

2- Generate Reviews and Testimonials

Give your customers something to talk about. A recent study conducted by Bazaar Voice showed that increased review volume leads to higher conversion rates. This means there is a direct link between the number of reviews a page has and its sales number. The report found that on average, product page visitors who interact with customer reviews convert at a 58% higher rate compared to those who do not. Sound accurate? How many times have you abstained from purchasing a product that has no reviews? How many times do you opt for the service that has better customer testimonials?

Compiling reviews need not be a complicated task. If a company presents a review option to its customers in a simple way, customers are more likely to engage. A great way to do this is by asking the customer to fill out a quick email survey on the day they have received their item or after they have paid for your service. Ideally, the buyer would not have to click on additional links or write a review on the website. The most effective way to get reviews is to make it simple and easy for the reviewer.

On the same note, providing positive client testimonials for new clients will always be beneficial, and sometimes necessary, for a small business service to thrive. Old-school methods are never obsolete and customer testimonials, as well as reviews, are great ways of integrating old-school word-of-mouth into today’s digitally-charged world.

3- Focus on Keeping Current Customers

Although garnering new business and the prospect of increasing sales is exciting, keeping current customers around is just as important. Maintaining a strong relationship with your current customer base will grant them more trust in your company or service, and create brand loyalty. Below are three simple steps to do this.


Ask how your product or service influenced their lives and how you can help them lead better lives.

Practice surprise reciprocity

Offer returning customers a gift or other incentive as a surprise. Because it came unexpectedly, they are more likely to be more appreciative.

Offer VIP level

Customer rewards programs are beneficial when they offer incentivized added perks to loyal customers and make the customer aware that their business is appreciated.

4- Get Snapping on Social Media

If you constantly ask yourself why you have to keep updating your social media Marketing platforms several times a day… Here’s why: In 2017, Instagram announced 700 million users in its platform, ranking on the top 5 list of most-used social media platforms. This means that everyone uses Instagram daily. Furthermore, a recent Hootsuite study showed that 75% of IG users take action, such as visiting the website, after reading a post. An average of 85% of all orders from social media come from Facebook, according to a study conducted by Shopify. Next time you ask yourself “is my focus on social media worth all the work?” don’t hesitate to read the facts — which in this case is, when it comes to sales, social media is a dominating marketing avenue.

Companies have capitalized specifically on Facebook and Instagram, using both as tools that promote user engagement and generate capital. Here are a few creative options to get your business on the radar.

Partner with other brands/companies for giveaways

Who doesn’t love a free massage, meal, IT consultation, or any other service valuable service? Partnership giveaways are a Marketing strategic way to attract new followers and give your business more exposure. Let’s use the following case study as an example. Companies A and B are partnering to offer two different services or products for free in exchange for new follows. If company A has more followers than company B, whoever engages with the giveaway at company A will automatically have to follow company B to be entered to win. It’s a win-win situation where the customer receives more added value and both companies expand their reach.

Show off your product

What are you selling? If you’d like to sell your services, make short Instagram videos of you offering your expertise or advice. If you’re selling clothing, update your social media accounts daily with new content featuring ways to wear your designs.

5- Include a Sense of Urgency

Remember that time you visited a gym and a guide offered you a tour of all its amenities, classes, and special perks? Then, at the end of your walk-through, there was a miraculous one-day membership discount that coincidentally happened to be expiring within the next hour. Well, this isn’t quite the same case, but a similar idea. After devising what your customer’s needs are, it’s important that they feel a sense of urgency in buying your product or service. The benefit should always be for the customer, therefore the sense of urgency is instilled not so much for the sake of your company’s sales, but for the added value that it will add to their lives.

An important detail to keep in mind is: how will your product or service benefit the customer right away? Some of the most effective ways to create a sense of urgency range from offering a limited quantity of your product or service to offering a limited-time price discount.

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