4 Effective Email Marketing Tips

Whether you are planning a cold e-mail campaign or you want to nurture some of your colder B2B leads, it is important to understand that you will never find one universally successful email marketing template. Each business is different, and what works for one business may prove to be completely inefficient for another. So, there is no single marketing success recipe that applies to all businesses. However, there are some tips that can help you get better results with converting your new business sales leads. These email marketing tactics have nothing to do with your specific business, but they have everything to do with the psychological traits and behaviors of most e-mail readers.

1. Segment your Business Sales Leads

As we already said, each business is different and each business has different needs. When you work in the B2B industry, you can’t approach each lead with the same sales pitch. A small business needs to be approached differently than a big corporation, and the industries in which each business performs also matter greatly. If your new business sales leads come from Peakslead, you will notice that they come with a lot of comprehensive information, from the volume of sales to industry, technological preferences, number of employees, and much more. Use this information to segment your lead list and provide each business with relevant content, tailored for their specific business leads.

2. Master the Subject Lines

In a previous article, we have provided you with some efficient tips for crafting click-inducing subject lines. We are not going to go over this again, but we want to highlight the importance of this factor. Think about it, would you have ever clicked on this particular article, if it had a generic title, like “How to Write Better B2B Emails”? The subject line is like an article’s title and it is your one and only chance to get a person interested in what your company has to offer.

3. From Real people, to Real people

Just because you work in the B2B industry, this doesn’t mean that it is alright to take the human factor out of the equation. After all, it is the people that conduct the business and your e-mails should reflect that. So, don’t send e-mails from a generic company account. Instead, use your own account for sending the e-mails. Moreover, if possible, try to personalize each e-mail for each individual lead. The leads from Peakslead always come with the name and title of the contact person. Use the lead’s name in the introduction or even in the subject line, to create a real bond between you and the lead. For example, your subject line could read something like: “Hi John! Is today the day when you exceed your sales projections?”

4. Keep it short and organized

For cold e-mails, it is imperative to keep your message short and engaging. Even for lead nurturing campaigns, it is best to keep the e-mails short and concise and direct the readers to your website, for more details. Moreover, try to segment your content with subheadings to make the e-mail more engaging and easier to read.

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